Founder and general coordination

Born in Argentina and french adopted, I’m an environmental engineer with masters in socio-ecological and geographical sciences. Being in the Weaving Ties initiative since its origins in 2015, I’ve organized, facilitated and catalysed multiple projects to reinforce local communities, indigenous and forest peoples worldwide. I love connecting. I love life.

Based in France.

Alexandra PLÜSS
Women empowerment

Trained in anthropology and development studies, I am a tireless traveler, lover of culture and nature. Born in Spain to a Swiss father and a Dominican mother, I carry within me the richness of diversity, which I commit to defend. Learning from and working for indigenous and forest women is for me a very great honor. Besides my devotion for social justice, my big passions in life are dancing, playing music with friends, swimming, taking care of my plants and spending time with my loved ones.

Founder and global organizations strengthening

I’m an agronomist with 30 years of experience in accompanying rural change in Latin America. I’ve always seen my Franco-Peruvian binationality as an opportunity to serve as a bridge between cultures. I define myself as a "nerd" and I love to exercise my creativity in different fields.

Based in Ecuador.

Creative communications

I have worked as a freelance communicator, news producer, camerawoman & editor based in Costa Rica for several years. Exploring new places and meeting people from all walks of life fulfills me. Seeing life from different perspectives is the absolute best thing about field work. I believe in the power of social change through storytelling.

Based in Costa Rica.

Logistics and administration

I’m the daughter of Ecuadorian indigenous parents belonging to the Kichwa Kayambi people. Accountant by profession, I am passionate about nature and animals: I love dogs! In my spare time I practice trail running. I am a dreamer and a faithful believer that, one day, we will build a more just, equal and sustainable world. I currently work in TINTA’s administrative area.

Based in Ecuador.

Alejandra SALGADO
Community Connectivity

I am an internationalist and geographer. I was born in a valley surrounded by mountains, prepared for earthquakes, and used to surfing in chaos. I consider myself a defender of doubt and I cannot stand specialization. I love curiosity and human creativity, and I think we all create technologies! I also believe in the diversity of worldviews and spiritualities, that is why I love working with indigenous peoples!

Based in Guatemala and Mexico.

Youth inclusion

Studied Biology and MSc in Biotechnological Engineering in Spain, Belgium and Denmark. I am a climate activist due to the inaction of the system regarding the climate and ecological crisis we face today, due to the climate injustice (ecological and social) that many communities suffer in the world and for the love for nature and all beings. I am passionate about facilitating dialogues between diverse, multicultural people in radically inclusive spaces fostering collective intelligence. I love learning and valuing diverse ecosystems and the organisms present on them, understanding natural cycles and connecting with nature