Working with local communities, indigenous and forest peoples' organizations to protect forest, fight climate change and secure rights.

We are a global platform for capacity building, facilitation, and cross-regional connection at the service of local communities, indigenous and forest peoples organizations. Since 2016 and through our Weaving Ties Initiative, we work closely, hand in hand, with the “Global Alliance” - of Territorial Communities.

Our mission

What we pursue

Weaving ties. We facilitate exchanges, meetings and cross-learning visits which reinforce alliances among local communities and indigenous and forest peoples' organizations, as well as with several other key partners.
Shift the power balance and close inequality gaps. We look to strengthen organizational and individual capacities. We share tools, accompany empowerment processes, and contribute to boost peoples', communities' and organizations' capacities. We focus our efforts on women and youth groups.
Unlock opportunities and leverage narratives. We campaign and advocate with the organisations for indigenous and local communities rights, messages and demands.
Drive systemic change. We focus on catalysing positive, fair and lasting changes towards securing land rights, protecting forests, mitigating climate change, and advancing social justice.
An invisible thread to improve networking, functioning, and resilience in forest peoples.

Our work

How we take action

  • We work with forest indigenous and local communities' organizations, and with their democratically elected grassroots representatives. We believe that forest peoples go first, which leaves us out off the spotlight
  • We believe in creativity, honesty and collective power. We value cooperation over competition. We provide technical support and a capacity for analysis and systematization that simplifies complexity. We have a both local and global expertise, that enables us to connect local and global approaches.
  • We are committed to fairness, equity and well treating. We embrace pluralism, diversity and respect; and value reflection and learning with innovation as a must.
territorial and community exchanges in Latin America and Indonesia
trainings and capacity building activities
big global communication and advocacy campaigns around the world.
general forest peoples assemblies
high level meetings facilitation for indigenous and forest peoples leaders
multi-stakeholder meetings facilitated
grant-projects in alliance with forest organisations


This is where we work

Tropical forests cover almost 1/3 of the world’s land area, and are the home of around 1 billion people and 80% of the world’s biodiversity.