We face several socio-ecological global threats, as climate change, biodiversity loss, nature cityfication, productivity and economic growth, irresponsible investments, patriarchy, ecofascism, indifferent and insensitive politics and a severe crisis of our relationship with one another and with nature, that jeopardize and ravage us all.

Forest peoples live in 80% of the world tropical forests, home of the world’s biodiversity and carbon reserve, and at the front line of multiple dangers for protecting their rights to exist, lands and nature. To tackle some of these socio-ecological threats and close deep social inequalities, our work is next to indigenous and forest peoples organizations to:

  • Guarantee land, human and territorial rights
  • Provide access to climate and conservation funds
  • Valorise indigenous peoples and local communities traditional knowledge and ways of living.
  • Enforce the principle of Free, Prior and Informed Consent
  • End the violence, criminalization and murder of environmental and land defenders.